Kaarisilta Biennale 2023 in English

Kaarisilta Biennale Art event will be arranged in the summer of 2023 for the sixth time.

Kaarisilta Biennale exhibition takes place in the surroundings of the Ersta Manor in Villähde, Lahti, and at Galleria Art Kaarisilta in Helsinki from 17th June to 30th July 2023. The outdoor part of the exhibition in Villähde is open until the end of September.

The Theme of Kaarisilta Biennale 2023 is Love – a word so big and multi-meaning. Kaarisilta Biennale 2023 challenges artists to reflect on the essence of love and its manifestations, their own relationship with love. However, the theme of Biennale is as free and voluntary as possible.

There is an open call for artists to apply to Kaarisilta Biennale. Open call to exhibition is from 1st February to 12th March 2023.

The theme of the Kaarisilta Biennale 2023 is Love, a word so big and multi-meaning. Love for a partner, friend, family, work, nature, animals, own culture and home, travel, architecture, colors, music, sports, dance, books, gardening… The list of objects of love is probably endless. Food has been said to be one of the most genuine objects of love. Love has many forms. Romantic love is just one of them. Love matures, deepens and sometimes fades, evaporates.

In the time we live in, there is a need to thought of which things are really important, worth cherishing and dear to us.

Pictures from Biennale 2021

Studio 2
The garden of mansion